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Teeth whitening

Our teeth whitening services use top-notch products from Enlighten and Boutique Whitening to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. It’s all about getting you that perfect shine.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening, in essence, is our way of tackling those stubborn stains and discolourations that dim your smile’s natural sparkle. Daily habits—be it the morning cup of coffee or even some of our favourite foods—can leave their mark on teeth over time. These stains might seem minor at first, but they can accumulate, leading to a noticeable difference in the brightness of your smile.

This is where our expertise comes in. With professional teeth whitening, we use clinically approved methods to safely lift these stains, not just surface-level but deeper, intrinsic discolouration as well. The result will make your teeth several shades lighter.

What’s truly remarkable is the range of discolouration we can address. From the external stains caused by food and drink to the natural ageing process that can yellow teeth, our treatments are designed to be comprehensive. And for those who might be concerned about sensitivity or damage to the enamel, it’s important to know that our methods are not only effective but also formulated to be gentle on your teeth, ensuring your comfort throughout the process.

By choosing teeth whitening at Blackwater Dental Surgery, you’re not just opting for a cosmetic enhancement, you’re investing in a confidence boost, a way to bring back the natural beauty of your smile! Whether it’s for a special occasion, as part of your regular beauty maintenance, or simply to enjoy the feeling of looking in the mirror and loving your smile, we’re here to make it happen!

Teeth whitening options at Blackwater Dental

We’re proud to offer three exceptional whitening treatments, each designed to suit different lifestyles and preferences.

Enlighten® – For those who dream of a dramatically brighter smile, Enlighten Whitening is the unmatched choice. Capable of enhancing your teeth by up to 16 shades, it stands as one of the most powerful whitening treatments available. This premium service begins with a customised home treatment, using bespoke trays for comfort and gradual whitening, minimising sensitivity. The journey ends with a professional session in our clinic, ensuring a dazzling and lasting transformation.

Boutique Whitening – Boutique Whitening is ideal for those needing their whitening treatment to adapt to a busy lifestyle. This convenient option allows for whitening at any time, day or night, with a simple-to-use kit featuring custom-fitted trays and professional-grade whitening gel. It’s designed for those who value ease and effectiveness, offering beautiful results on your schedule.

Phillips Zoom – Philips Zoom is a swift and potent treatment, ideal for those eager to see immediate brightening results. Famous for its rapid effectiveness, Philips Zoom achieves significant whitening in just a single clinic visit. It uses a special light-activated technology to swiftly address stains and discolouration, offering a quick yet safe route to a noticeably brighter smile. Choose Philips Zoom for fast, dependable, and impressive whitening outcomes.

Home whitening vs in-chair whitening

Process & results

Home-whitening involves applying a milder bleach in custom trays over several weeks for gradual improvement, whereas in-chair whitening uses stronger bleach activated by light or laser for immediate, dramatic results in just one session.

Convenience & flexibility

Home kits offer the flexibility of whitening on your schedule, ideal for those with busy or unpredictable routines. In contrast, in-chair requires a dental visit but is completed quickly, appealing to those seeking instant results without the wait.

Safety & supervision

While both methods are safe, home-whitening operates with less risk due to lower bleach concentration, requiring minimal professional oversight. In-chair whitening provides the advantage of immediate professional supervision, ensuring the highest safety and efficiency during the procedure.


Home-whitening is generally more cost-effective, reflecting its slower process and self-application. In contrast, in-chair whitening is more expensive due to the professional application, immediate results, and use of advanced technology.

Frequently Asked Questions - Teeth Whitening

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No, teeth whitening is not covered by the NHS because it is considered a cosmetic procedure. The NHS only covers treatments necessary for dental health.

Teeth whitening is legal in the UK, but it must be performed by a registered dental professional. It’s illegal for non-dental professionals to carry out teeth whitening treatments.

Potential downsides include tooth sensitivity, irritation of the gums (especially with overuse or misuse of home kits), and uneven whitening if there are existing restorations like fillings and crowns that whitening products don’t affect.

he effects of teeth whitening can last from a few months to up to three years, but this varies greatly among individuals depending on their habits, such as smoking or drinking staining beverages like coffee and red wine.

Our professional teeth whitening aims to restore your teeth to their natural whiteness, so they won’t look fake. However, overuse of whitening treatments or products can lead to an unnaturally white appearance.

Baking soda can help remove surface stains, making teeth appear whiter over time, but it’s not as effective as professional whitening treatments for deeper stains or overall whitening.

Overuse or leaving baking soda on your teeth for too long can erode the enamel over time due to its abrasive nature, potentially leading to sensitivity and increased risk of cavities.

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